Best Satellite Phones & Messengers of 2024


Satellite phones, satellite messengers and communicators are devices that allow you to communicate with anybody, anywhere in the world. We will analyze the best current satellite phones and satellite messaging devices of 2024 to buy.

How Satellite Phones Work

In today's world of smartphones, social media, and WiFi hotspots, it's easy to forget that not everyone has access to the same luxuries. In fact, there are many parts of the world where communication infrastructure is scarce or nonexistent. That's why satellite phones are still a valuable tool for communicating in remote areas. But how do they work?

Satellite Phones communicate through satellites orbiting the earth

Sat phones communicate through satellites orbiting the earth in space. It's more difficult to use a satellite phone inside where the area has a restricted access to the sky. If a user is in a rural area, they may need to switch to a more densely populated area with phone towers to communicate with a cell phone.

Satellite phones can be used in any location, but they won't work on airplanes or in buildings. Satphones are often used by people in areas that have limited or no cellular coverage.

The Best satellite phone in 2024 by industry experts is the Iridium 9575 Extreme. Best in the world as of now

The Iridium 9575 Extreme is lighter and smaller than its predecessor the 9555. Not only does the 9575 Extreme offer Iridium's global coverage for voice, data and SMS but it is the first satellite phone to offer the fully integrated services of customizable GPS, online tracking and emergency SOS with notification services. (additional contract required for tracking services.) 

Iridium 9575 Extreme is the most advanced satellite phone currently available in 2023. Other features of the handset include a IP65 rating which means the 9575 Extreme is dust proof, shock resistant and jet water resistant. It is also the first handset to offer military-grade 810F durability. Another first for satellite phones is the introduction of Iridium AxcessPoint. This allows you to set up your Iridium Extreme 9575 as a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Communicate with the network

Satellite phones use satellites to communicate with the network. The sat device then communicates with the network to let you make calls and send messages even with your smartphone depending on the device. The satellites are in a geostationary orbit, which means that they remain in the same spot in the sky, and that they rotate with the earth. This means that they can remain in the same position relative to the earth no matter where the user is located.

Satellite Phone Features

A satellite mobile phone is a handheld phone that can communicate with orbiting satellites instead of terrestrial cell phone sites. Sat phones are mainly used in remote areas, such as the jungle, mountains, oceans and deserts, where terrestrial cell towers are few or far between. 

Satphones may also be used in case of emergency when ground-based communication systems are damaged or fail such as in a war zone. Sat phones are also used as a means of communication in wild places that have no cellular, landline or internet connectivity. Satellites communicate all around the globe with different satellites to enable global communications. The Iridium Network gives the best global service.

Satellite phones require no infrastructure

Satellite phones do not require a cellular network, landline, or any other infrastructure. This can be a huge advantage for people in far out locations that may not have access to any of these things. Satellite phones can be used to make a variety of calls, including international calls.

Sat phones can be used in remote areas

Satellite phones operate on the same principle as a cell phone, but they can be used in remote areas where cell phones would be useless. Satellite phones run off of satellite signals, not cell towers or land lines, so they work even in the most remote areas of the world.

These phones are often used for business purposes, but they can also be used for emergency situations. Satellite phones can be used by travelers who want to stay in touch with family members or friends, or for people in remote areas who want to stay in touch with the rest of the world.,

Satellite Phone Comparison

A satellite phone is a type of mobile phone that connects to orbiting satellites instead of cellular networks. Satellite phones are popular in remote areas where cellular networks are scarce. In this article, we're going to compare the latest popular models to help you choose the best one for your needs.

Satellite messengers and communicators are the cheapest route

Some of these global communicators make your smartphone communicate like a sat phone at a bargain price. Top quality devices with high recommendations include: ZOLEO, Garmin inReach Mini and Mini 2, ACR Bivy Stick and Iridium GO.

All of these devices are currently available with Free 2-day shipping just in time for Spring.

$ 199.98
$ 249.99
SPOT X 2-Way Bluetooth Satellite Messenger

Best for Outdoorsmen

Satellite phones are a great tool for staying connected in the wilderness. But what makes a good satellite phone for the outdoors? First, a good satellite phone should be waterproof, but also easy to use. It should be easy to use your satellite phone for texting, calling, and taking location coordinates. If you're looking for the best model for your outdoor adventures, you'll want to look for these features.

$ 349.99
Garmin inReach Mini Handheld GPS Satellite Communicator

Best for Fishermen

A satellite phone can be a great tool to keep in touch with the outside world at all times, regardless of where you are. If you're a fisherman, it's especially important to have a reliable device that can keep you in touch with your loved ones, as well as your fellow fishermen with a net, in case of any emergency. 

There are many different things you should consider when you're looking for a sat phone for fishing. Your primary focus should be on the phone's durability and battery life, as you'll want your phone to be able to withstand the elements, and you'll want to keep it charged throughout your fishing trip.

$ 399.99
Garmin inReach Mini 2 Satellite Communicator - Black

Best for Boaters - Inmarsat IsatPhone 2

With so many options available, selecting the best one can be tricky. As of now the IsatPhone 2 is the most popular. It is known as a good value and highly recommended by sailors.

If you're looking for a satellite phone for boaters, I recommend a handheld satellite phone. These are known to be the most reliable, and they can provide the best coverage and network options. With a handheld IsatPhone 2 satellite phone, you can rest assured that you'll be able to make a call, send a text, and access the internet if you need to. 

$ 199.99
Zoleo Satellite Communicator

Best Satellite Phones for Hikers

A sat phone or messenger is a great choice for hikers, especially if you're in a remote area with no cell phone reception. Satellite communications are also useful for emergencies and rescue situations, since you can call for help when you otherwise might be unable to do so. The Iridium Go is one of the best satellite devices for hikers, since it's lightweight and durable, so it's easy to carry with you on your hikes. The Iridium Go also has a battery that can last up to nine hours, so you can use it all day without needing to recharge.

$ 249.99
ACR Electronics Bivy Stick Satellite Communication Device

Best for Travelers

Satellite phones are a great answer for many travelers when they need a phone that works in any conditions, including in remote areas and off the grid. When you are looking for a satellite phone, you need to be aware of the coverage area and the equipment you will need. There are many options for satphones and messengers and you want to make sure you get the best one for your needs. Satellite phones are a great solution for many travelers when they need a phone that works in any condition in any country, including in remote areas and off the grid. Always stay informed of restrictions on these devices when you travel!

$ 770.00
Iridium GO! Portable Satellite Smartphone Access Device

Best for Miners

Satellite phones are a great way for miners to stay connected and in touch with loved ones or emergency services. In the case of an emergency, a satellite phone could be a life-saving device. Satellite phones do not require a network or local service, and can be used in remote locations where there is no cell service available. Sat phones are also a great way to keep in touch with loved ones or emergency services when traveling in remote locations.

This is especially important for miners who travel to and from mining sites on a regular basis. If a mining company is looking to provide their employees with the best sat phone experience, they will want to make sure they choose a satellite mobile phone with the right features.

Best for Emergency Use

Satellite phones are a good choice for communication in remote locations. They offer a reliable connection, but they can also be a bit more expensive than other communication methods. The best satellite phone for you will depend on the type of emergency you are preparing for, your budget and how far you will be traveling.


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