The Future of Satellite Calling - 2024 Edition


Staying in Touch from Anywhere with Satellite Calling

Satellite calling has transformed modern communication by delivering clear and reliable voice, text and data transmission from virtually any location on the planet. 

Even when cell towers disappear from sight during remote adventures or far offshore voyages, satellite connectivity continues the conversation. 

Our team explores the newest satellite calling capabilities and satellite handsets, defining long-distance communications now and into 2024 and beyond.

Iridium Satellite Phones - The Standard of Excellence in Satellite Calling

When discussing satellite communication networks, Iridium rightly earns its reputation as an industry frontrunner. 

It's constellation consists of 66 interlinked, low-earth orbit (LEO) satellites granting truly global coverage from pole to pole. 

Iridium's array of rugged and feature-rich satellite phones allow users to direct dial landlines and mobile phones anywhere without reliance on ground-based relays.

This year, calling functionality across the Iridium network grows even more intelligent through strategic partnerships with various service providers. 

For example, the recently launched Garmin inReach Mini 2 satellite communicator seamlessly pairs with Apple or Android smartphones via Bluetooth. This enables affordable, app-based satellite calling through an easy-to-use interface - no cumbersome handset required. 

We applaud Iridium for continuing to enhance its best-in-class satellite network to deliver reliable calling and messaging from the world's most isolated regions.

$ 399.99
Garmin inReach Mini 2 Satellite Communicator - Black

Globalstar Boosts Satellite Connectivity Across Continental Territory

Major network upgrades underway across North and South America and Europe prime Globalstar's satellite constellation to enable improved future calling capabilities. 

The company actively launches next-generation satellites promising faster data transfer speeds, clearer call quality and heightened network reliability. 

Such network investment better positions Globalstar devices like the Sat-Fi satellite hotspot and SPOT Gen4 messenging device to offer enhanced satellite calling functionality when paired with a smartphone or tablet.

Globalstar's current and upcoming satellite calling solutions tout cross-compatibility with iOS and Android operating systems. This flexible approach scores additional user points by avoiding device limitations or exclusivity. 

While still chasing the fully global coverage range of Iridium's network, Globalstar's regional satellite enhancements lead the way in upgrading communication potentials across the company's extensive continental footprints.

$ 249.99
SPOT X 2-Way Bluetooth Satellite Messenger

Inmarsat Completes Globe Spanning Satellite Network

A third major player embracing the satellite calling space is Inmarsat, a British satellite telecommunications stalwart. 

The company recently completed its Global Xpress (GX) constellation consisting of 4 high-power Ka-band satellites delivering reliable worldwide connectivity excluding the polar regions.

While better known for maritime broadband services, Inmarsat's new Fleet One IoT service allows connecting any phone device to the GX network. The pairing happens through a dedicated IoT terminal enabling voice calls and SMS messages when traveling beyond terrestrial coverage. 

Fleet One also supports smartphone connectivity via WiFi offload to share emails, internet access and basic location services.

As Inmarsat continues maturing its GX satellite network and IoT integration, the company is primed to deliver an alternate option for global satellite calling and communication during future years.

Thuraya Pioneers Satellite Calling Directly from Mobile Devices

Providing expanded satellite calling connectivity beyond traditional satellite phone handsets remains an accelerating industry trend. 

Thuraya makes bold, app-driven moves to usher in this new era of capability by enabling satellite calls directly from unmodified mobile devices when cellular networks drop away.

Two innovative products lead Thuraya's charge - the SatSleeve+ for iPhone users and SatSleeve Hotspot for Android owners. 

These accessories contain a built-in antenna, satellite signal receiver and battery to link your smartphone to Thuraya's satellite network. 

The integrated antenna pulls double duty, enabling regular cellular calls over terrestrial networks when in coverage range. We love the flexibility of routing calls through satellites versus ground-based cell towers without needing multiple SIM cards or device swapping.

While offering more regional versus fully global satellite coverage, Thuraya's pioneering efforts stand to make satellite calling more financially accessible and convenient through smart device integration. tech pundits speculate this app-driven direction aligning with mobile trends foreshadows the future of satellite calling.

$ 829.99
Apple - iPhone 15 128GB - Black (AT&T)

Clear Connections from Earth's Far Reaches

The ability to call loved ones, business partners and emergency response centers while exploring isolated areas no longer seems space age. 

Thanks to relentless innovation across satellite calling technology providers like Iridium, Globalstar and Thuraya, clear connections from the planet's farthest reaches become routine - whether chatting over a satellite phone or an app-enabled smartphone. 

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As 2024 unfolds, keep apprised of advancements in satellite network reach, improved call quality and simplified integrated products that promise ease-of-use for global communications. 

Helpful tips and more are here in the current satellite phone and device buying guide, just published last week.

With expanded satellite coverage and smart device compatibility leading the way, satellite calling may soon feel as routine as your morning cell phone call.

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