Satellite Phone Rental in 2024

Why Rent A Satellite Phone?

Sat phones keep us connected. They allow us to call, text and email from anywhere in the world via satellite

They also give you reliable emergency communications whether you're on a backpacking adventure, hiking, hunting, camping or on the high seas. Also when working a remote job site, or preparing for a blowout of a storm. You arrived here looking for answers and we hope to provide an affordable communication solution.

If you want the piece of mind that comes with reliable communications, having an emergency satellite phone with you is crucial. Renting a satphone gives you a handy and affordable way to keep connected without the higher upfront and prolonged cost of buying. 

The best satellite phone rentals of 2024 are found right here, not on Ebay. Also keep in mind that a fully-charged emergency sat phone is on most top survival prep expert's top 10 list.

Inmarsat IsatPhone 2 and Iridium Extreme purchase and rental has been hot 🔥 


hot sat phone rental plans
hot sat phone rental plans

Satellite Phone: Renting vs Buying

Should you rent or buy a satellite phone? Deciding whether to rent or buy boils down to how the benefits apply to your unique situation. Here are some important features and benefits of renting a satphone in 2024:

  • Renting gives you low upfront costs - just the price of the rental itself and the cost of any usage after your rental. For a month's rental or less it's certainly more affordable to rent than to buy.
  • Renting gives you the ability to try different sat phones. The right phone for one situation might not be right the next time you need one. Renting lets you choose a different device as you need it.
  • Renting gives you the chance to try before you buy. You can make sure that the satphone has the features and coverage you need before committing to buying.
  • Top satellite phone rental plans in the USA and globally are found at the Verizon Sat Phone Rental Page 
  • For a huge selection and multiple sat phone options, Amazon is a solid choice.
$ 299.99
$ 349.99
Garmin inReach Mini Handheld GPS Satellite Communicator - Black/Orange

So, when is it right to buy a sat phone instead of renting? 

Here are some advantages of purchasing a sat phone from top providers like Satellite Phone Store instead of renting:

  • You know which handset will work for you long term. So helpful!
  • You will keep your device active more than 1 month per year. Most plans have great incentives for multiple months of service. The most affordable option is to buy when you find yourself using a sat phone multiple times a year. 
  • You want access to higher usage plans and free incoming calls. Purchase plans have more options than the rental plan.
  • You want to keep your same number over time (even after suspending service). You can save your local number for $5/month and reactivate at any time with no reactivation fee for up to 6-months within a 12-month term. Whether you rent or buy this gives you a true local number that works just like a cell phone in the USA. 
  • Hope this makes your choice easier when it comes to sat phone offers and rental vs buying. Updated as of 1-27-2024
$ 199.99
ZOLEO Satellite Communicator

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