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The Best Verizon Home Internet Plans Now in 2022-2023

There are many different types of home internet service plans offered by Verizon. These include DSL, FiOS, 5G and 4G LTE. It can be difficult to decide which one is the best for your home.

The best option for your needs depends on how much Internet you need and your budget with plans starting at only $25/month. In addition to high-speed Home Internet, you can get bundled services like TV and telephone.

Verizon 4G LTE Home Internet

Verizon offers three plans for home internet. There is a basic internet-only plan and a bundled plan. You can also get a plan that includes live TV. There are also plans with 5G capabilities! However, they are not available in every area. You must live near a Verizon cell phone tower to get service.

In order to provide faster service, Verizon is investing $53 billion in new wireless airwaves. These will cover at least 100 million Americans by next March. By the end of the next three years, they plan to reach at least 175 million people, with a target of 250 million by 2024. While the new network won't be as fast as its millimeter-wave rival, it should provide a significant speed boost. It will also cover a greater area. Verizon has already revealed that the new network should be capable of up to 1Gbps, which is faster than it's current networks.

The service is still growing and not all areas are eligible. Some of the first areas where Verizon rolled out LTE service are Savannah Georgia, Springfield Missouri and the Tri-Cities region. You can find out if your city qualifies for the service by plugging your address into Verizon's coverage checker. As the network expands, the company will contact you to let you know when you're eligible.

5G Home Internet

The Verizon 5G Home Internet is a high-speed Internet option, but it has very few drawbacks. While the company has received glowing reviews for its speeds, its limited coverage footprint limits it's appeal for users who aren't already subscribers to the company. In addition, the price tag is becoming the most budget-friendly option - cable and fiber internet plans offer similar speeds for much more.

According to Verizon Home Internet starts at $25/mo. with Auto Pay and select 5G mobile plans. No annual contracts, no extra fees, no equipment charges, and no data caps. Terms apply. No Annual Contracts. Fast & Reliable Internet. Wi-Fi 6 Router Included. No Messy Wires.

Currently, Verizon's 5G home internet service is available in more than 900 cities in the United States. These cities include Akron OH, Columbus OH, Columbia SC, Des Moines IA, Durham NC, Indianapolis IN, Kansas City MO and more. This list is rapidly expanding as of now!

Verizon's 5G Home Internet speeds surpass those of 4G LTE, though they vary depending on the quality of the signal at your location. Depending on your address, you can expect download speeds of up to ninety megabits per second. Upload speeds are somewhat lower, ranging from 10 to 50 megabits per second. Plans starting at only $25/month have become very popular in 2022!


Verizon's flagship internet service, Fios, is a fiber-optic network that offers high-speed downloads and uploads. It also comes with free phone and TV service, and there are no one-year contracts or tie-ins. Fios will serve more than 10 million customers by the end of 2022, according to Verizon.

The company consistently receives high customer satisfaction scores. In the 2021 American Customer Satisfaction Index, Verizon scored 71 out of 100. The company is also ranked as the highest-rated ISP in the J.D. Power ISP satisfaction survey. Furthermore, compared to its competitors, Verizon Fios is more affordable than most, and the price of Fios doesn't increase after the first year. The company also offers competitively priced speed tiers.

Verizon Fios's upload speeds are not capped, which is helpful if you want to upload large files. However, upload speeds will depend on your location and the distance from the tower. For most households, upload speeds will not be much faster than cable internet.


Verizon home internet DSL is one of the best choices for people who need fast, high-bandwidth internet. Unlike dial-up connections, DSL can be set up to work with an existing telephone line. This means that you can use your phone and internet simultaneously. However, not all areas in the country are compatible with DSL.

When choosing a Verizon home internet plan, make sure you know exactly what you are getting. Check the monthly price, as well as any other fees or taxes. Also, be sure to find out whether there are any early termination fees or annual contracts. Before signing up for a plan, be sure to consider the price per month once promotional terms expire.

Verizon offers a wide variety of home internet service packages. While it is known for cellular phone service, it also provides internet service through it's fine fiber optic network. While the service falls short of the top spot in Ookla's report, it has consistently ranked as the best home internet service provider in the U.S. for several years. The service is also competitively priced, with packages starting as low as $55 a month and even less with these current best deals. Verizon home internet service offers fast and reliable high-speed internet to more of us every day.