iPhone 14 Satellite SOS Emergency Connectivity - Contact 911 Anywhere


iPhone 14 Satellite connectivity feature allows you to send an SOS or contact 911 when you're off grid   

The Apple iPhone 14 now has two brand new emergency features

Apple announced a cutting edge safety feature now available on all iPhone 14 models where you can call 911 for help while in areas out of cellular coverage service. The company has invested over $450,000,000 in the project and worked out a deal with Globalstar to provide emergency satellite service. 

Apple Newsroom recently reported that "additionally, if users want to reassure friends and family of their whereabouts while traveling off the grid, they can now open the Find My app and share their location via satellite connection."

iPhone 14 series is Not a satellite phone but does offer some great new features. With Black Friday deals coming out now interest is being fueled by AT&T and Verizon iPhone 14 deals. The new SOS feature is in hot demand and has peeked the interest of many consumers.

How the Emergency SOS feature works

Step by step quick guide:

  1. Try to call 911. If the user doesn't have service then the phone will attempt to connect with "another carrier's tower." If that does not allow the connection to go through, an option for "Emergency Text via Satellite" will appear on the screen. Wow too cool.
  2. Tap the iMessage app to text 911 or SOS, then select Emergency Services.
  3. An option will come up for the user to select "report an emergency."
  4. Questions will appear for the user to explain their situation briefly before answering more detailed questions about the emergency.
  5. An option to notify the user's contacts will be given where the phone will notify the user's emergency contacts that they have called for first responders and will receive the iPhone's exact location.
  6. The phone will ask the user to point the phone towards the sky in order to connect with a satellite. Once the phone has connected with a satellite, emergency services will know the user's location and situation in order to respond.

How to use emergency SOS via satellite on your new iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Pro

To be sure the satellite service works before an emergency situation happens, Apple has created a demo feature:

  1. Select the Settings app.
  2. Select Emergency SOS.
  3. Select "Try Demo" option. The user will be given the same prompts that would be displayed during an emergency situation. The user will be given the ability to turn off your service in order for the phone to connect to a satellite so the user can get acquainted with it. Feedback will be given if the user is not pointing the phone in the correct direction.

When will the Satellite SOS feature be available?

iPhone 14 Emergency SOS via satellite became available on Nov. 15th for the U.S. and Canada. France, Germany, Ireland and the UK will have access to it in December 2022 according to Apple Newsroom.

Also Macworld reported that Apple will not have a fee for the first two years of service for user's that purchase an iPhone 14 from the start of the feature's launch.

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