Mobile Satellite Internet & Communications Truck - Kymeta Raptor


The #1 best deal in mobile satellite internet communications trucks anywhere in 2022. Buy or rent this awesome Raptor today! Currently in stock and ready for any remote adventure, project or event.

The Kymeta KyWay Raptor Truck from Satellite Phone Store is fully equipped with Kymeta omnidirectional high speed satellite internet antenna that enables high speed satellite internet on the go! Portable satellite internet wherever you need it.

With speeds of up to 5 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload you will find it easy to complete almost any online task from the field.

Live streaming via satellite works excellent and the Kymeta Raptor can be used to cover any event no matter how remote.

Mobile satellite communications anywhere
Mobile satellite communications anywhere

VSAT Mobile Satellite Internet and communications VAN 

Is also available for rent or purchase! Depending on your project needs, this could be the perfect option as well.


  • High speed satellite internet, voice and TV on the go!
  • Satellite internet connection is established within minutes after antenna deployment
  • Simple as powering the inverter and then powering the antenna unit

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