How to Watch Super Bowl 58 with DIRECTV


Gear Up for NFL's Most Thrilling Game Yet on DIRECTV - Super Bowl 58

After a NFL Conference weekend game setting record television viewership in Detroit, it is on. This was unseen since last year's Super Bowl. 

The 2024 NFL Super Bowl 58 slate stands poised to conquer more airtime milestones. 

Featuring four bitter rivals clashing with conference championship bids at stake, fans yearn experiencing every hard-hitting twist and turn as beloved franchises like the Detroit Lions vie for glory and a spot in Super Bowl 58. 

Thankfully DIRECTV offers front row tickets to the madness through their unmatched NFL broadcast offerings. 

Super Bowl 58 schedule updated as of 1/31/2024

NFL 2024 - Super Bowl 58 🏈
NFL 2024 - Super Bowl 58 🏈

Satellite Dish

Legacy DTV subscribers need only power on their dish antennae aimed to the skies for instant access to totally immersive Divisional Playoff productions in crisp 4K HDR quality. 

With channel preference stored, their state-of-the-art Genie systems queue the tense action so fans avoid wasting precious seconds toggling during 2 minute drills and overtime nail biters.

Via Internet 

Cord cutters who still crave rich NFL playoff atmosphere get blessed too through not needing a satellite dish

This online platform carries the trusty channel grids, intuitive menus and reliable performance satellite owners love - no mini-dish required. 

Simply grab game day snacks, plop down in your streaming seat of choice and enjoy the same stunning visuals and bone-crunching audio bolstering DTV's sky-high reputation among sports fans.


Constant connectivity matters more than ever before thanks to our perpetually plugged in lifestyles. 

The sleek DTV app accommodates fans chasing playoff thrills without compromising social media, work emails and life duties. 

Watch on your terms by streaming to phones, tablets, laptops and connected television using reliable WiFi or 5G data.

glued in NFL fan, stoked
glued in NFL fan, stoked

With league TV ratings riding high thanks to inspirational underdog runs, watch parties swell to Super Bowl proportions this weekend. 

Get everyone in on the 2024 Super Bowl action by leveraging this unique NFL trifecta melting traditional satellite broadcasting, new age streaming flexibility and go-anywhere mobile viewing into the ultimate playoff package.

But they sweeten the deal further through current discounts that won't devastate your wallet like rabid tailgating parties watching the NFL Network. 

Special offers help cord cutters sample the goods via 5-day free DIRECTV Stream trials or score hefty initial year package savings for satellite dish subscribers - no contracts required.

Why risk shaky streams or broadcast hiccups spoiling the year's headiest upsets and comebacks? 

Register now and sign up to DIRECTV services to get hooked up in time for catching this weekend's unprecedented NFL fever before kickoff. 

Then brace as the 2024 playoffs channel menu launches four nerve shredding battles etched into NFL gridiron lore forever.

AFC and NFC Championship Games 2024

Sunday, January 28th

AFC Championship Game — Kansas City Chiefs vs Baltimore Ravens — 3pm ET on CBS
NFC Championship Game — Detroit Lions vs San Francisco 49ers — 6:30pm ET on FOX

When is Super Bowl 58?

The 2023-24 NFL season will end with Super Bowl LVIII, or Super Bowl 58, on Sunday, February 11th at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Should be fun! Kansas City vs San Francisco.  

Who is your favorite team?

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