Best HughesNet Satellite Internet Deals in 2023


HughesNet Satellite Internet in 2023

HughesNet is the best internet service provider for those living in rural areas who may not have access to faster internet services and want free installation. Keep in mind that satellite internet is not the fastest but HughesNet internet offers plenty of incentives to choose it's service.

If you don't mind paying for professional installation or doing it yourself, Starlink is now available in many areas as well. The upfront cost is more since you will be purchasing the satellite internet equipment.

 The best HughesNet deals now include:

  • $25 or $50 off per month for six months on select plans
  • $99 in instant savings when you lease a new HughesNet system
  • $100 instant savings for purchasing a new HughesNet system
  • Free standard installation for leasing equipment
  • Free first month of Norton 360 Deluxe (on 10 devices)
  • Free first month of Express Repair
  • Free HughesNet Voice equipment

HughesNet Internet-Only Deals in 2023

As of now, HughesNet is offering up to $50 off your monthly bill for the first six months on select plans. You can get $50 off per month for the first six months on the 100 GB and Fusion 100 GB plans, while a $25 per month discount applies to the 30 GB, 50 GB plans, and Fusion 50 GB plans. The new HughesNet Fusion plans combine satellite and wireless technologies for a hybrid low-latency approach to internet service. To qualify for the promotional rate, you must sign a two-year contract. Also, these savings do not apply to the 15 GB plan.

HughesNet is also throwing in a free month of Norton 360 Deluxe (for up to 10 devices) and Express Repair as added sign-on bonuses. Norton 360 Deluxe provides antivirus and security software to protect your computer, while Express Repair Premium ensures you get next-business-day service for any equipment issues.

Typically, acquiring satellite internet is expensive due to installation costs. Fortunately, all HughesNet internet-only plans come with free home installation if you choose to lease your equipment, regardless of your location. For subscribers who purchase their equipment, HughesNet is also offering $100 in instant savings. For customers who lease their equipment, HughesNet is offering $99 in instant savings.

While the satellite internet data caps may seem rather limiting, HughesNet does offer an additional 50 GB of free data usage per month during non-peak hours (2 a.m. - 8 a.m.). Fortunately, HughesNet will not charge you a fee if you go over your data cap, but your download speeds may experience throttling to around 3 Mbps. If you wish to regain your standard speeds after going over your data limit, you can purchase "Data Tokens," which cost roughly $3 per GB.

How to Get the Best Deal on HughesNet Satellite Internet

Purchasing internet service doesn't have to be expensive. Follow these steps to get the best deal with HughesNet:

  • Purchase your satellite equipment if possible. While leasing your satellite equipment may seem cheaper at first, it can cost you big time over the years. Buy your equipment directly from HughesNet and own it for life.
  • Pick the contract that matches your situation. Don't sign up for a three-year contract if you're unsure about your living situation. Opt for the shorter two-year contract to ensure you don't get hit by an ETF.
  • Use your data sparingly. With HughesNet, it's all about the data caps. Get the most out of your service by determining what you do that uses the most data and aim to limit those activities during peak internet hours.

HughesNet Discounts in 2023

HughesNet participates in the federal Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), which provides up to a $30 monthly discount on internet service for qualifying low-income subscribers. Best of all, it comes with no contract or credit check requirement.

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