DIRECTV Stream: Live TV Streaming Review


DIRECTV Stream Review for 2024

The DIRECTV STREAM service is now available for U-verse and DIRECTV customers. Looking to cut the cord with Cable TV in 2024? 

This new service features premium channels, sports, parental controls, and add-ons. It is the perfect choice for people who want a variety of television shows, movies and NBA or NHL without paying full price for them. In this review, we'll look at how DIRECTV STREAM 4K compares to the competition. Enjoy a free trial with no contract to answer your questions.

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DIRECTV STREAM is available with a Free Trial

With DIRECTV STREAM, DIRECTV and U-verse customers can watch live TV anywhere on the internet. You can try it free for 5 days with the current promotion.

There are four base packages that come with hundreds of channels and the option to add premium channels. All of these packages cost an additional monthly fee, but include more channels than the base package. In addition to premium channels, DIRECTV STREAM also offers dozens of local channels.


DIRECTV Satellite TV is available in all 50 states

Subscribers must have a clear view of the southern sky, as well as a place where you can mount a satellite dish. If you live in a remote area, DirecTV is an ideal choice. Be sure to check the channels that are available before choosing a package. If you love sports, especially NFL Sunday Ticket, please try to order soon.

U-verse which is now DIRECTV Stream, only offers TV service in 21 states, including California, the Midwest, and parts of Nevada. You can check the availability of DIRECTV STREAM in your area to see which service is best for you.

DIRECTV STREAM offers live TV from popular networks, including ABC, Fox, CBS, ESPN, and Fox. It also offers regional sports networks and local channels, so DIRECTV STREAM is the perfect streaming alternative to cable TV.

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It offers the top premium channels

Directv Stream is an online video service that combines live TV channels with on-demand movies and sports. The service features a variety of premium channels and sports packages including local channels. In addition, it offers 65,000 on-demand movies, 500 hours of Cloud DVR storage, and more than 7,000 apps.

The service is available to people who don't have cable or satellite TV service. However, DIRECTV STREAM is much more inclusive than other services. Moreover, it's more comprehensive than other streaming services, with no programming "gap" in the lineup. This means that subscribers should be able to watch everything they want, whether it's news, sports, or family programs. However, the history of DIRECTV STREAM is a bit confusing because it has gone by several names over the years. The service was originally known as DirecTV and AT&T TV Now before being rebranded as DIRECTV STREAM.

DIRECTV STREAM is a live TV streaming service that's built to replace cable service. It features live feeds of major networks, sports networks, and news channels. Other streaming services like Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, and Sling TV also promote similar offerings. However, these alternatives tend to be tempting but not as popular.

It offers parental controls

Directv Stream offers parents a way to restrict content on their children's devices. Users can set a four-digit PIN to prevent access to specific content. They can also prevent specific users from watching certain channels. To change the parental controls, go to Settings on your TV or other devices. You can also change them on your browser. For Safari and Chrome, you will need to input a PIN to enable the parental controls.

DIRECTV STREAM has a feature that allows parents to set up multiple user profiles, so they can control who can watch what. Users can also personalize their viewing experience with the scrollable TV guide. In addition, they can add favorite shows to a personalized queue, record missed episodes and watch them later. This feature is especially helpful for holiday movie playlists.

Parental controls are a great way to keep kids safe while watching television. You can set time limits for particular channels and apps, or for the whole network. You can also schedule time on the Internet to help your children complete homework. This will keep your children from watching anything that may be too violent or disturbing.

It offers add-ons

DIRECTV STREAM offers a wide variety of add-ons that will expand your viewing experience. For example, you can add international channels, sports networks, and even Spanish language channels. The service also offers a cloud DVR that lets you store your recorded shows indefinitely for a small fee. Moreover, you can upgrade your DVR storage from 20 hours to unlimited for an additional $10 per month. Regardless of which package you choose, DIRECTV STREAM will give you the option to stream from up to 20 devices at once.

DIRECTV STREAM offers four plans, ranging in price from $70 to $140 per month. The higher-end plans offer more premium channels. For example, the Premier Plan offers HBO Max, Showtime, and STARZ, and a free 3-month trial of EPIX. However, the cheaper plans are great for people on a budget and those who want to add premium networks piecemeal. In any case, DIRECTV STREAM offers local and regional channels, as well as premium channels.

DIRECTV STREAM uses its own proprietary set-top box. This device is specially designed to ensure a smooth viewing experience. It also includes Google Assistant, a voice-activated assistant that allows users to ask questions and get answers to their queries.