The Best Satellite Phones in the World to Buy in 2023 


Currently, the top overall satellite phone and most popular is the Iridium 9575 Extreme but very close is the Inmarsat IsatPhone 2.

This rugged sat phone operates on the dependable Iridium Network and is in high demand globally as of early 2023. Cheapest current prices are found at Amazon ( click banner below ) and the Satellite Phone Store with easy service plans to buy from $599 or rent.

Iridium Extreme lives up to it's name and is approved by expert reviews and survival specialists throughout the world. 

In satellite messengers, the best for hikers, is the Garmin InReach Mini 2 as the #1 satellite communicator to buy in 2023

Mostly because of this device's sturdy design, it's GPS features, and it's versatile user experience with global satellite coverage. 

This satellite messenger fits a lot of powerful features into a very small package for $349. The Garmin inReach GPS is a legend and top-rated with outdoor adventurers.

$ 349.98
$ 399.99
Garmin inReach Mini 2 Satellite Communicator

Depending on your communication needs and travel preferences, you might also have a great user experience with several other sat phones and communicators. These are the best satellite phones you can buy in 2023:

-Inmarsat IsatPhone 2 is an excellent and in demand sat phone that works anywhere except the extreme polar regions of the globe. There are currently service plans that give you this satellite phone free with an ACR Bivy Stick, as a combo.

-Iridium 9555 is easy to use, dependable, durable and value priced ($599). More importantly it uses the Iridium Network and will give you coverage anywhere on the planet. Iridium 9555 plans for buying or renting are extremely popular as of now.

-Iridium GO satellite hot-spot is the only device on this list of messengers that enables voice calls, along with text messages. Check into Iridium GO plans today for great voice quality anywhere.

$ 770.00
Iridium GO! Portable Satellite Smartphone Access Device

-Zoleo satellite communicator offers great value for money, enabling your smartphone to send satellite messages for just $149.98

$ 149.98
$ 199.99
ZOLEO Satellite Communicator

-ACR Bivy Stick can easily fit in your pocket while connecting you to a planet-wide satellite network starting at $299. Bivy Stick is lightweight and perfect for hunters.

$ 299.99
ACR Electronics Bivy Stick Satellite Communication Device

-Spot X satellite messenger gives you flexible pricing plans with a simple design for all harsh conditions.

$ 199.98
$ 249.99
SPOT X 2-Way Bluetooth Satellite Messenger

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