Finding the Best Smartphone for You: Everything you need to know


Picking the right smartphone for you in 2024

Should I buy a new iPhone 15 or should I pick a Samsung Galaxy smartphone? Fast answers to help you easily decide and much more here.

To find the best smartphone for your personal communication needs, you should make a list of how you would normally use your cell phone, in order of useful features and importance. Make sure that your choice meets as many of your requirements as possible before you make a phone purchase.

It seems there are a million articles and websites that cover cell phones and modern smartphones, it's almost too much. I'll keep this guide short and to the point, nobody wants to read volumes just to pick a new phone.

Here's an idea of what you might need your new smartphone for, and what criteria it should be able to meet up to:

  • Connecting with those who are important: Ideally, you should pick a modern cell phone with 5G connectivity if you plan to use an app or video calling service such as Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger. New 5G connectivity is better than some home broadband internet connections so you won't have to worry about lag or dropping in and out of a call.
  • Also, you could go for the next best thing, 4G LTE connectivity. All the smartphones suggested here have 5G connectivity, but you should be sure that this type of internet connection is available in your area. If this is not possible check into modern satellite phone devices powered by the Iridium Network.

  • Streaming movies or music: For uninterrupted entertainment, you should consider a smartphone with 5G connectivity. Streaming movies and music, such as Apple Music are some of the most data-heavy tasks, and require the strongest data connection to avoid long loading times and annoying delays. Alternatively, you can also download movies and music first, but this will take up space in your storage so be sure to choose one with the most storage capacity (1TB) if you intend to save lots of audio files

  • Gaming: A smartphone used for gaming should have a powerful processor (such as the A16 Bionic chip in the iPhone 15 range) for smooth rendering of graphics, a high-resolution display and a big battery that can keep your phone powered for as long as you need without the inconvenience of having to charge it often

  • Photography and Taking photos: There are multiple key factors to consider, if having a great camera on your smartphone is important to you. Buy one with a wide choice of lenses that takes photos in high resolution. You may also want to check it has a wide zoom range (the higher the maximum zoom the better), and an impressive f-stop range for creating a variety of effects. The Samsung smartphones: Galaxy S24 Ultra 5G, the Galaxy S23+ and the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G are top dogs in this regard

  • Recording video: Recording video in 8K creates the sharpest quality footage possible on a smartphone right now. This can only be done on the Galaxy S24 Ultra 5G, the Galaxy S23+ 5G, the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G and the OnePlus 11 5G

  • Working: If you rely on Google Workspace apps to get your work done on the go, don't worry you can download them to both Android mobile devices and Apple iPhones. Google Pixel 8 is a bargain and is awesome for photography as well.
  • However, you should consider getting an iPhone for ease and compatibility if you already use other Apple products, and an Android smartphone if you have other Android devices you love

  • Multi-tasking in the modern day: If you're unsure what exactly you're going to do on your cell phone, or know that you will be doing many different things, your smartest bet is to choose one with a large RAM and powerful processor.
  • The processor is like the heart of the device, and the best ones allow you to move seamlessly from app to app or carry out multiple tasks at once, such as watching a movie in one window while video calling a friend in another. It's also best to go for a device with a big battery 5,000mAh is the largest on new smartphones available.

  • Connecting a smartphone to the internet: You may want to access your phone's data from another device, such as your tablet or laptop. All smartphones have the setting to turn it into a mobile hotspot. However, you will want to make sure your smartphone has the best data connection, so ideally 5G, a large battery and very battery efficient, as sharing data can drain power in a heart beat.